Welcome to the only wellness coaching program that shows women over 45 how to ditch dieting while still taking care of their health!

Stop obsessing about the number on the scale and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that you absolutely love.

Finally! Let's Go

You want to be healthy and feel confident in your body. The problem is:

  • Dieting is the only way you know how to get there and you can't muster the motivation to do it again
  • Menopause is now in the mix and making everything more complicated
  • You're not sure you can ever learn to love your body

The great news is that Undiet is going to simplify the entire process of how you view food, your body, and your health so that you can co-exist peacefully with Oreos and Doritos in the cupboard.

Undiet is for every woman who wants food freedom and body confidence in this second half of life!

  • you don't love the way you look or feel comfortable in your body but know that even when you were at your smallest it was never enough
  • you're facing or recently celebrated a milestone birthday and are now squarely in midlife
  • you don’t want to still be dieting when you turn 70
  • you're tired of starting over every Monday
  • you'd rather spend your precious energy on your family, friends, career, and hobbies instead of denying your cravings for carbs
  • you can't muster the motivation to start another diet but know that doing nothing is not an option
  • you recognize that you need to start thinking about food, exercise and your body differently compared to your 20's, 30's and early 40's
  • you're willing to embrace new ways of thinking and break the cycle of what is no longer working for you (and never really did)
  • Make food choices without having to count calories, points, or macros, and worry if it's gluten, dairy or sugar-free
  • Learn what foods your midlife body needs through gentle nutrition not diet dogma
  • Find movement that feels good, is fun and has purpose. No more zombie-like treadmill sessions or 6am boot camp classes (unless that's your thing)
  • Wear clothing that fits and makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • Stop spending money on pills, powders and products that never deliver on their promises and gym memberships you don't use
  • Stop trying to do all the things, and instead focus on the handful of habits that are game changers for you
  • You are either being "good" or saying WTH!! There's no in-between? And even when you are being "good" the scale barely moves…
  • You start each day with the best intention and end the evening with a pint of ice cream?
  • What used to work no longer does?
  • Your willpower is on a permanent vacation
  • You can't ever eat just one brownie
  • You regularly sabotage your best efforts at health with poor choices
  • You know what you should do, but struggle with actually doing it
  • Food is a source of nourishment, pleasure, connection, satisfaction and health, not guilt or shame
  • You know your worth beyond your looks
  • Health is defined by how you feel and what you do, not your waistline
  • You have fierce self-compassion for yourself and others
  • We acknowledge and appreciate people for who they are and not what they look like
  • You treat your body with dignity and respect, even if it’s hard sometimes
  • Our daughters and granddaughters have never dieted



"After working with Sherry, my daily feelings of peace and calm around food have gone from a 4/10 to a 7/10. I've loosened my grasp on the belief that food is my only source of comfort. Now I'll use my tools and try other things first, and I've learned that sometimes it only takes 5 minutes for that urge to pass."

~ Dianne

"Sherry is knowledgeable, supportive and collaborative. She was attentive, empathetic and helpful in this journey of unpacking my issues with emotional eating, working through specific challenges and devising a practical path forward."

~ Jayme

The program blends the principles of intuitive eating with a framework for mindful self-care to heal your relationship with food and make peace with your body. You'll also work on shifting mindsets and conditioned beliefs to help you know your worth beyond your jean size.


The path starts with choosing to opt out of diet culture's belief system that thin = healthy. I’ll share a ton of scientific evidence that diets don’t work, but you already know that based on personal experience right 😉, so the work here is about seeing how this flawed belief system has kept you trapped in the diet cycle and making the choice to opt-out.

Understand the negative impacts of yo-yo dieting and develop the courage to step out of the cycle


The goal here is to build trust and confidence in your ability to make food choices based on your internal cues of hunger, satisfaction and nutritional needs, and not based on external rules that can't possibly take into account your personal preferences, desires, or circumstances. Your body is smart - she knows what she needs to thrive. 

As counterintuitive as it may sound, the cure for bingeing is less control, not more.


The third step on the path is to shift away from blaming our body for not conforming to diet culture ideals and instead understand how genetics and biology influence weight so we can work with your biology and not against it.

This step is critical because food and weight are inextricably linked. You can't make peace with food when you are at war with your body.


​The last step on the path is to create your own definition of health that incorporates all aspects of your life and takes into account the things that matter most to you.

What do you want to see, do, and experience in your life? How do you want to show up? What health related behaviours will make that possible?

I take a weight neutral approach to physical health

I promise to never use weight, body size or shape as a measure of success, progress or worth.

When you expand your definition of health beyond diet and exercise, a whole new perspective opens up

If you run 5 miles a day and drink green smoothies but are always tired, stressed out by your job and feel lonely despite being in a relationship, are you healthy?

I’ve been where you are

While I haven’t been in your exact shoes (unless you own a pair of size 8 red canvas Skechers 😉), I know what it’s like to obsess over food driven by a need to “fix” my body. I know how scary it is to let go of food rules and worry that if I don’t micromanage my food I’ll continually gain weight and my health will spiral out of control. I also know what it's like to have complete freedom with food and to live comfortably in my bigger body. To know and accept myself for who I am while still working on becoming a better version of me.

What's Included?

Undiet is a 16 week program that will show you how to step out of the diet cycle, release control over food, understand your genetic blueprint and gain whole person health.

Initial 75 minute visioning session where we create clarity on what food freedom and whole person health looks like for you so we can chart your path to success.

Weekly 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom to explore your challenges, and uncover the beliefs holding you back. You'll leave each session with fresh insights and an action plan to move you forward.

Unlimited support via text or email for when doubt creeps in, life gets crazy, or you just need a little extra encouragement.

Co-creation of daily practices to build habits that establish the foundation for food freedom and tracking tools to monitor progress.

Customized worksheets, tools, and activities. Reflection and introspection lead to insights which lead to belief-shifts that enable change.

*Due to the hands-on nature of my program I only take a limited number of clients so I can give each one my full attention and commitment.

Pick the investment option that's best for you

One-time Payment


  • Save 15% by paying in full
  • 75 min visioning session to define what whole person health means to you
  • 15 one on one private coaching sessions
  • Daily practices and tracking tools to build health enhancing habits
  • Worksheets, tools and activities that shift beliefs and enable change
  • Unlimited support between sessions via text or email

Payment Plan


  • 4 monthly payments
  • 75 min visioning session to define what whole person health means to you
  • 15 one on one private coaching sessions
  • Daily practices and tracking tools to build health enhancing habits
  • Worksheets, tools and activities that shift beliefs and enable change
  • Unlimited support between sessions via text or email

Sherry helped me define ‘healthy’ from a different perspective. She helped me remove some of the labels associated with eating and exercise and focus on what I needed to do. The way I think of food is completely different now. It gives me hope and inspiration for the future.

— Camille

Meet Sherry

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

Officially I’m a board certified health and wellness coach and a trained intuitive eating counselor, but I like to tell people that I am a nutrition coach that lets you eat your favorite foods.

I didn’t always have the easy-breezy relationship with food and my body that I now enjoy. I spent a decade stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating. Externally I was praised for my healthy eating and lifestyle, but inside I felt like a fraud because it’s hard to feel authentic when you eat salad for lunch and hide in the pantry eating cookies after your family goes to bed.

My will to step out of the cycle came when I realized that my mental health was more important than the number on the scale. Through intuitive eating and the rejection of diet mentality I made peace with food and my body. Now I help others do the same.

Working with Sherry has been so enlightening. She shared many different things to help me on my journey including wisdom, praise and a couple really good recipes. I know that I would not be as far along and may have thrown in the towel a long time ago without our weekly calls and check ins. Whenever I felt like I had a bad week she was always there to help me see the good progress I was making and put a positive spin on it. She didn't give me all the answers because a lot of them were things I needed to come up with for myself but she guided me in the right direction. I am coming away from this experience with more knowledge, better coping mechanisms, and better self esteem. I know now that I am worth it and capable of continuing on my own towards better health.

— Tina

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