How often do you find yourself...

  • Standing in front of the fridge at 6 pm wondering what to make for supper
  • Snacking or grabbing whatever is quick and convenient rather than eating a balanced, nourishing meal
  • Picking up take-out or ordering SKIP
  • Wanting to eat better and feeling like you need to go on a diet to do so
  • Throwing out food that's gone bad
  • Eating the same thing over and over

With Undiet Meal Planning you can make food choices from a place of intention, not impulse.

It's more than just a meal plan.

Approach nutrition from a place of self-care not self-control.


A keystone habit is a habit or routine that sets up a cascade of other positive actions and behaviors. Make meal planning your keystone habit to living a healthy lifestyle.


Say goodbye to the stress of last-minute dinner decisions. Learn efficient meal planning techniques so that supper becomes a time to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.


After years of dieting you've built up a long list of food rules. Letting go of these can be hard. It's easier to give ourselves permission to eat all foods or break long held food rules when it's part of the plan!


Stop eating the same foods day after day. By planning ahead you can include a wider variety of foods and try out new recipes and flavour combinations.

Meet Sherry.

As a certified health coach, I have always believed in the importance of good nutrition. Our bodies need food in the same way that a car needs gas. But unlike a car that we only need to fill up once or twice a week, we have to feed ourselves several times a day, and meal planning can make that easier!

I've been meal planning for over 25 years, since first moving out and living on my own. Over the years I've refined and streamlined my system to make meal planning quick and simple. I'm here to guide you with expert advice and a proven process to take the stress out of feeding yourself and your family, all while saving time, money and eating better.

What's Included?

  • 90 minute go at your own pace online course ($125 value)
  • 9 modules including creating a meal plan, how to approach breakfast & lunch, expert time & money saving tips and exclusive guidance on how to make meal planning and cooking enjoyable so you'll stick with it!
  • 36 page workbook to accompany course ($50 value)
  • weekly meal plan & grocery shopping list templates
  • 7 worksheets to speed up and simplify the meal planning process so you never start from a blank page! ($35 value)

Get the full course today with a total value of $210

for only $79 $19

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Imagine yourself actually looking forward to making supper!?!


Purchase the course

Get started today. Watch the videos in less time than it would take you to eat out at your favourite casual dining restaurant.


Create your first meal plan

Using the templates and worksheets provided, your meal plan comes together quickly and easily.


Enjoy a week of stress-free, sensible eating

Relax and experience peace of mind knowing you have a full week of balanced, nutritious and delicious meals to share with your family.

Meal Planning Made Simple.

We all want to live a long healthy life. In order to do that, you need to get the basics like sensible eating in place. The problem is waiting until you're hungry before deciding what to eat leads to last minute, somewhat impulsive and generally less nutritious choices that leave you with feelings of regret. I believe that eating shouldn't come with a side of guilt.

I get it! As humans we are wired to choose easy over hard, and making choices that serve your long term health over the short term desires of your tastebuds is hard. But what if I could make it easier? I created the Undiet Meal Planning Method based on 25 years of personal experience and common challenges. When you have a meal plan, the decision about what to eat for dinner has already been made. The easy path is following the plan!

Here's how my simple three step process works. First you'll create a list of your favourite foods for each of the components of my sensible meal template. Next, you'll combine those foods into meals that are both balanced and tasty. Finally, you'll repeat the process weekly, adding to your inventory as seasons, situations and tastes change, so that you have an endless number of choices you can combine into a meal plan in 15 mintues or less.

Buy the course and get started today, so you can eliminate the stress of knowing you should eat better, and instead feel confident that you've got an easy to follow plan for fueling your day with sensible and satisfying meals.